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Emergency Response Team (E.R.T.)

The Norwich City Police Department's Emergency Response Team (E.R.T., a.k.a.: SWAT) was formed in 1998. There was a serious need for highly trained individuals to deal with unusual and sometimes dangerous situations. High risk warrant service (either arrest warrant or search warrant), and barricaded subjects are just a few of the many situations which the Norwich City E.R.T. handles.

Six officers currently make up the department's E.R.T..Norwich Police E.R.T.squad These officers had to meet specific criteria to become a member of the Norwich E.R.T.. Members have gone through standardized training by either the United States military or by retired and active members of SWAT teams based in Los Angeles, California. The intense training guided the primary focus of the team. It's primary mission is that of saving life in often difficult situations.

Training and prior planning are essential for safety as well as a smoothly operating unit.Pre-Raid E.R.T. briefing
Proper equipment also helps, and each officer is outfitted with basic tactical armor, load bearing vests to carry equipment and breaching tools (for stubborn doors and seemingly impassable obstacles).
Officers carry department issued ordinance such as GLOCK model 22 pistols, shot guns and CAR-40 battle rifles. The team's standard dress is black from members BDU's to their kevlar helmets.

ERT raid briefing Last minute briefing prior to executing a recent raid. This is to assure that each ERT member understands their job, and what's expected of them. All of their safety depends on their training, and knowing what to do in advance.
Here, the ERT squad begins to move on the objective. This is where all the hours of preparation, training, and hard work come together.
Starting the raid
Results of the raid. Suspects in custody. After the successful raid. Suspects in custody.

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